Sunday, February 01, 2009

studio update #3

Leslie isn't here with her laptop, so I'm back to typing on the iPhone. Ran into a little snag late this afternoon when a metal band started rehearsing in their practice room in the basement. Despite the fact that they were three floors away through several closed doors and a stairwell, it was still vibrating the walls and bleeding sound into our vocal takes. Antonia and I went down to talk to them, and since they were planning to practice for an hour and a half or so, we walked up to The Village to get a beer and bide our time. So it goes with shared space.

But we're back on track now: all guitars, mandolin, banjo, and lead vocals are done. Antonia is working on her accordion parts now, then Josh will lay down the cello tracks. It's getting late in the day - the coffee and pizza are now cold, the beer is now warm, but we're pressing on.