Thursday, May 18, 2006

worth 1,000 words? maybe a dozen or so, anyway...

Finally, some pictures from our grand beach vacation...

The Fam:

Erin on the porch:

Les and Jorge:

Is Leslie actually pointing at my mother rather mockingly?? Or just being generally retarded? And why does mom look a little confused?

Mom bought "Crocs" for all of us - about as perfect as a beach shoe gets. Thanks Mom!

I shaved the beard over vacation and for just a brief, shining moment, I had a moustache that would have been the envy of porn stars and rednecks everywhere:

Dad getting ready to take us out in the boat:

Exploring Little St. George Island:

Mom at the porch door:

Doing what we do best - eating and drinking!

A view of the sunset from the house:

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Anonymous said...

Mom looks confused because Mom IS confused... a perpetual state! And God, how cruel the camera is!!!Glad you liked the Crocs. Come again soon...RFE