Friday, September 22, 2006

the gig, part deux

Really, I couldn't have asked for last night to go any better. Though things got started a little later than planned (after 10:30 by the time I took the stage), I thought the show flowed smoothly without any major train wrecks. OK, one flubbed chord in "Apres Moi"...but other than that, I was very happy with the way things turned out. I especially appreciated the enthusiastic and rowdy support of all the friends who showed up - you know who you are!

There were three real highlights for me:

1. Using one of those old-school (or old-school-looking) microphones...especially starting the set with the Jeff Buckley version of "Be Your Husband." The mic was almost identical to the one Buckley is holding on the cover of Grace.

2. Playing a new original - "Camouflaged Again" - for the first time in public, as well as the new revised (and hopefully final?) version of "Eyes on Fire".

3. Having Tully and his drummer sit in on "Rider" to finish out the set.

Fun night - makes me miss the days of doing this full-time. Here's the complete set list if anyone is interested.

Set List - 9.21.06
Be Your Husband
Naked As We Came
Winding Wheel
Camouflaged Again
Eyes On Fire
Apres Moi

P.S. - I decided it was time for a new look for the blog. Any thoughts??


alyssa said...

I like the new look! Wish I could have heard the new songs. Its been so long since I saw you on stage....too long!

RFE said...

Really, really, really wish I could have been there! Keep writing and make that next CD.

New blog site looks great!

austinstair said...

aren't you fancy!

what are you doing this thursday? come serenade me in person!

Anonymous said...

hey cracker. i wish i could've been there - estoy muy orgullosa de ti como yo he estado para toda mi vida! it's been too long since i've heard you play... i just remember throwing shoes, book, whatever against the wall when I was little to make you stop playing. ahh, the irony - what I wouldn't give now to hear you play now. Speaking of which, I would be honored if you would write something for my wedding. I'm thinking somewhere between Jeff B, Goretzky, and Allegro Miserere. Heehee :) te quiero con todos mis fuerzos - un beso y abrazo super grande!