Friday, September 21, 2007

next topic, please

My nasty foot has been on the front page of my blog for long enough. Gross. It's much better now, having healed very cleanly from the mess that it was. Thank God it's been captured forever in digital format and paraded like some freakish spectacle for almost a month on this page - I'm certain you've all been enraptured by it for weeks.

There is, of course, far more to report than I have the energy to write at the moment. Hopefully, upcoming posts will include stories and pictures of the shed that my dad and I are building in my back yard (really more a small house - you'll see), my thoughts on Paul Simon's most recent album (released May 2006), and an homage to my recently deceased grandmother, who passed away at the ripe old age of 93 last month. Just a smattering of the happenings around here, but that's the way it goes in September. Never a dull (or spare) moment.

To be continued...


Maggie & Tommy Redram said...

Whats up, busy Richmonder? I am eager for updates!

I so sorry to hear about the loss of your grandmother. Is this the one that sent you the great care packages?

Things are well here. I miss you.

lauren said...

sometimes i load your blog and then read it once i get home, so then i don't get to comment b/c i'm not online... the life of a cyber cafe girl. anyway, i've enjoyed reading and i'm sorry i don't get to tell you so more often. and i love the pics. especially your mountain man alaska pic. haha... peace, bro.