Thursday, May 15, 2008

shameless family plug

If you have five free minutes (and obviously you do because you're reading this), I strongly encourage you to check out my sister Leslie's newly established blog. Only a few posts on there so far, so it doesn't take long to read the whole thing. But I'd be willing to bet the $3.52 in my pocket that it will be the best five minutes of your day. When we were little kids, I used to torture Les by telling her she was adopted...of course I was kidding, but now I'm not so sure - no one else in my family comes close to being as clever and funny as she is (and she's likely to post a lot more frequently, too).

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RFE said...

Oh, yeah! She's ours! I was there at her conception and her birth. So, unless she was switched in the hospital nursery, she's definitely one of us! Now, where she got that "hysterically funny" gene, I'll never know. But,I'm glad she has it! Now, if I can only figure out where to find Conchita by Christmas- and what will "Mama Cat" think???