Thursday, December 01, 2005

two cakes may be too many

This post is for my roommate, Colin, because today is his 27th birthday. One of his professors made a point of saying, "Good Lord, you're almost 30." Probably not what you want to hear as you transition from your mid-twenties to your late twenties.

In any case, celebration abounds. Last night Colin, Nancy, Alyssa, Nate and I made the epic journey to that den of gluttony, the Super King Buffet. Three horseshoe-shaped tables of all kinds of Chinese food, fresh sushi, crab legs, a Mongolian stir-fry "made-to-order" bar, and the worst desserts ever. (Seriously, ever.) I had five plates of delicious grossness. And Nate almost ate a chicken foot. Rock on. For those keeping track, last night's gifts from Alyssa and Nate included a chocolate cake with white icing, a plastic egg full of "Angel Snot" and some Slang Flashcards. Yeah, for real. Possibly the greatest collection of presents I've ever seen.

Tonight after choir, Nancy and I had planned to make a if the one we already had wasn't enough. Not only did we make said cake, Nancy truly came up with the cake-decorating goods: those saccharinely sweet (in so many ways) cartoon butterflies, frogs, and snails made of sugar, all lined up underneath the cleverest of slogans spelled out in blue sugar-gel across the chocolate icing (perhaps you can make out this bit of genius in the picture). Ever the virtuoso giver of gifts, Nancy offered up timeless classics like Fun Dip for everyone, Gobstoppers, a blue Ring Pop that actually lights up, and a huge smiley face helium balloon. There was a book, too, but that's a little more personal and less ridiculous than the pile of candy.

So cheers, Colin, and happy birthday. Hope this post doesn't make you self-conscious, because we do know how you roll: uncomfortable.

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