Monday, November 28, 2005

chocolate chip cookie + 10 seconds in microwave = heaven

This has been a fantastic long weekend: Thursday, Thanksgiving. Friday, my day off (though I did have to drive to D.C.). Saturday, two hours of soccer (actually played, not watched). Sunday, two services to sing but no youth group. Monday, office closed post-Thanksgiving. Beautiful. Coming off of three short work days which followed a week in Mexico, I feel as if November has treated me pretty graciously.

Highlights of the weekend were many...some big, some small. Winning all five games of soccer on Saturday was pretty nice. Sunday night I agreed to cook dinner for my friend Nancy (and let's just say that Nancy has a very discerning palate when it comes to many foods), and she not only ate the peanut stir fry without gagging, she actually liked it. Or so she claims - and I don't think she's a very effective liar. I spent most of the day today cleaning the house and just generally getting my act together, happy that I finally had a day get nagging little chores done. And all the while, I kept stealing the chocolate chip cookies that Colin's mom had made and microwaving them for 10 seconds to make the chocolate melt. Amazing. FYI, this same principle can (and should) be applied to day-old Krispy Kreme donuts.

And the greatest thing about having Monday off is that the week is just that much shorter - starting on Tuesday means I have another 3-day work week to look forward to. No complaints here.

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