Thursday, November 10, 2005

my cup runneth over

I just spent the past hour trying to fix the damn downstairs toilet, which runs incessantly these days. This attempt at home improvement was made slightly more challenging by the couple of post-choir-rehearsal glasses (or I should say "plastic cups") of wine I enjoyed. Unfortunately, the attempt was unsuccessful. I did manage to replace the piece that I was working on, but apparently it wasn't the root of the problem. Water is still leaking around the little flap, taunting me with every gurgle and drip. Damn you, toilet leak!! By the way, you know when you open up the tank on the back of the toilet and there's that verticle piece in the tank that makes all the magic happen? Yeah, did you know that's called a "ballcock"? BALLCOCK?!?!? Hello? Does anyone else find that funny, or is just because I'm, like, 12?

Anyway, I have somehow managed to stay up until almost 1:00 AM again tonight. Not sure how I've gotten on this terrible sleep cycle lately. But the good news is that I only have one more day of work before my day off Friday, then I'm headed to Mexico Saturday for a week of vacation with my family. First time I will have seen my parents since last Thanksgiving. Sweet, sweet vacation. There will be much resting. And lounging. And reading. And tequila. Oh, yes, tequila.

I'll leave you with this random thought. If you belong to any of the major world religions - be you Christian, Hindu, Muslim, or Jew - and you haven't watched Bill Murray's "Groundhog Day" lately and thought about the theological implications (trust me, it works on multiple level for any and all of the aforementioned dogmas), I exhort you to do so sooner rather than later. Just ignore the fact that Andie McDowell is a terrible actress.

That is all. Class dismissed.

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