Sunday, November 06, 2005

everything in its right place

Wow. I have been a total slacker about posting this week. I've sat down to write on two or three occasions but seem to have gotten sidetracked each time.

In all truth, it was not a terribly eventful week. We've hit a little lull in the calendar at the church, that small period of quiet between the whirlwind first two months of the program year and the start of the Advent season. Wednesday and Thursday passed as usual, and both found me reluctant to work and not terribly excited about choir rehearsals.

Friday, on the other hand, was one of those rare days in which things just seemed to fall in the right place, as if I had to work at making things go wrong. As easy as it is to bitch about the times when everything seems to fall apart, it's nice to recognize that there are days when the karmic pendulum swings decidedly the other way and manages to maintain some sort of cosmic balance. No need for extensive details, but the weather was stunning, the house was clean, and we had a fantastic group of people over in the evening (including a few I hadn't seen in quite a while). There were Jell-O shots of Colin's making - four flavors of varying consistency - and a beer pong set-up featuring the Champagne of Beers on the island in the kitchen. It warmed my heart to see the other two W&L folks in attendance reach for the cans of High Life over the bottles of Saranac, Yuengling, Bud Light, and Miller Lite saying, "I prefer it!" I, of course, managed to uphold absolute decorum as the model church employee, pausing mid-Jell-O shot to answer a question from across the room as to my specific job title: "Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries," I gurgled before slurping down the remainder of the lemon Jell-O in my plastic Dixie Cup. The irony was completely lost on me for at least five minutes.

Back to the grind tomorrow, but with a pretty great weekend behind me...and more to look forward to in a few days, as I leave for a week-long trip to Mexico with my family on Saturday.

If you haven't heard it: Give a listen to Ben Folds' newest album, Songs for Silverman. Especially "Landed" - ridiculously catchy.

Humor for the day: Hip-Hop Yoda. Is there anything he can't do?? What a Jedi!

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