Friday, November 11, 2005

running to stand still

I feel as if I've been running around all day without really accomplishing much of anything. My morning was shot because I slept late after staying up until 1:30 (again) watching Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven. Such a great film. Fantastic, controlled acting by the inimitable King of Badass Westerns. I hadn't seen the movie in years, and it turned out to be well worth the delayed bedtime.

So tomorrow I leave for my Mexico vaction - heading to San Miguel de Allende with my family. We're staying at Casa Orquidea, a bed and breakfast owned by a friend of ours. It looks like a pretty great place...and of course my mind is already halfway there. I did my usual Friday volunteering at the Soup Kitchen this morning, then had a nice lunch with a W&L friend of mine who moved to town recently. Stopped by work for a while (mostly just to play foosball one last time before I head out of town). Suddenly I realized it was 3:30 and I really hadn't done a thing. Haven't packed. Haven't finished the work I need to do before leaving. Haven't even finished doing laundry. I'm also heading out of here in about an hour to go see the St. Christopher's/St. Catherine's production of "Into the Woods" tonight. My plane leaves at 7:45 tomorrow morning. I'm doing the math and figuring out that time is very, very short. Looks like it will be another late night.

I'm hoping to be able to post at least once or twice while I'm away, though pictures will probably have to wait until I get back.

Hasta! (I say that as if I have any clue about speaking Spanish. Which I don't.)

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