Tuesday, January 17, 2006

feeling good...maybe too good?

Despite the fact that I was up at 6:00 AM again this morning, this has been a stellar day.

After a whole lot of talk and days of "gym shame" (guilt over not going), I finally made it to the Y for the first time in several weeks. OK, months. Whatever. I've been living through most of the winter thus far with that tired, sugar-hangover feeling all day...but for today, at least, I feel good.

Anyway, my ridiculous sister calls after I get home from the gym, and she can't even talk she's laughing so hard. She's laughing because she's been taking retarded-looking pictures of herself on her iMac (she has one just like mine). Consequently, she thinks she's hysterically funny...which, in fact, she is. Once I see said retarded photos, I too am laughing so hard I'm nearly crying. Inspired, I ask her how I can join in the retarded-image fun...

So behold, unbelievers - see the fruits of our embarassingly juvenile labors...

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