Tuesday, January 10, 2006

up before the sun

Did you know that it's still COMPLETELY dark at 6:15 in the morning? I mean, only the faintest hint of gray on the horizon. Why didn't someone warn me? It was only just starting to get pink and orange along the skyline when I walked into the church this morning at 7:00 to cook breakfast for a young adult men's Bible study that's meeting on Tuesday mornings this month. It was a good morning, but I am now experiencing complete mental incapacitation. I feel utterly "off" and it's not even noon yet. Wait...it's not even 11:00 yet. Ouch.

I tried to write a post yesterday because I actually had something legitimate to write about (none of this whining nonsense about getting up too early). But for various reasons, I ended up staring at a blank screen for too long and had to get on with other things. So I'll save it for later, as I feel incapable of writing anything meaningful in this mental state.

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flat2000 said...

How 'bout you stop wasting your time on this gaysauce and write some fucking lyrics. . .