Tuesday, January 09, 2007

a great end to a great season

You know I love college football. More specifically, if you know me at all, you know I love Auburn football in particular and SEC football in general. While Florida is a big rival of Auburn during the regular season, I'm always happy to see the SEC do well in post season play.

But Florida didn't just do well. They won the National Championship. And they didn't just beat Ohio State, a team that's been ranked #1 in the polls every single week since the season started in early September. They absolutely crushed them. I think 41-14 is fairly decisive. Aside from the opening play of the game - Ohio State's 93-yard kickoff return for a touchdown - Florida owned Ohio State to the point of embarassment. I do feel bad for Troy Smith, who is a fantastic player and (apparently) a great guy. But I'm happy to see an SEC team take home the title.

And on a purely selfish note...Florida wins the championship with one loss on their record. Their one loss? Auburn, 27-17. Not that Auburn deserved to be in the National Championship game themselves - as my dad pointed out, Florida matured as a team over the course of the season whereas Auburn did not - but it does add an extra dollop of satisfaction atop an already-sweet BCS outcome.

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