Thursday, January 25, 2007

a snowstorm of inconsequential proportion

I realize that it is bloggerifically cliche to post pictures of the view from one's window on one's blog. Lame. Banal. Trite. Hackneyed. Etc. Etc.

Whatever. I'm lamenting the snowstorm that almost was.

Here's the view from my window thirty minutes ago:

Finally, a winter that actually looks and feels like winter. It is January, after all. A January snowstorm would be seasonal, fitting. Go ahead, click the photo for the full-sized image and see for yourself. Look at how it's starting to accumulate - just ever so slightly - in the bottom right corner of the photo. And in the air...big snowflakes! Driving wind! Solid overcast sky!

But hang on...a change...a lessening...wait for it...wait for it...ah! There it is. 40-degrees and sunny again. Which brings us to the updated hackneyed, trite, commonplace, banal "view out my window" as of right now.

Is one snowstorm that sticks (and sticks around for more than 10 minutes) too much to ask from the days of late January? I love spring and summer and fall, but if it's going to be'd be nice to have a littlte winter for a change.

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