Saturday, October 29, 2005

complete and utter stupidity

There are so many things to write about over the past few days: a really interesting conversation over lunch with my friend Andrew Corsello, who writes for GQ Magazine; a surreal Halloween party last night complete with kegs, costumes, and local indie bands; a day of upsets and near upsets in college football; etc. etc.

But that will all have to wait. Right now, I just want to know one thing: WHY do they make film cannisters the exact same diameter as vacuum cleaner tubes??? I nearly blew up a perfectly good home appliance trying to clean the dust from under my dresser. And now I have a vacuum cleaner with a film cannister jammed halfway up the tube, like Augustus Gloop in the river of chocolate.

Yeah, that's right, I threw out the Wonka reference. Sweet.

relevant quote: "She's gone from suck to blow!" -Spaceballs

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