Monday, October 17, 2005

thank you very much, i'll be here all week

The tone of the day was really set from the first moment I couldn't open my eyes when the alarm went off at 7:30...and then again at 7:40, 7:50, and 8:00. Despite the fact that it was a perfect weather day, the little annoyances of the morning seemed to pile higher and higher until I couldn't see over them. And after a two-hour nonsensical and completely pointless staff meeting, I walked into my office realizing that I was already in an absolutely rotten mood before I even turned to the pile of work that (somehow) has to get finished this week. It was quite obvious that today was a Monday.

Based on the day's trials and tribulations, I have made two rules:

Rule #1 - if you want to buy/use a cool techno-toy, you should be required to pass a basic electronic competency test before you start messing around with it. People act like finding a cure for cancer is easier than downloading pictures from a digital camera.

Rule #2 - Basic meeting etiquette says if it doesn't have to do with the whole group, talk about it later and quit wasting my time. I don't need to hear about issues with the parking deck or who's going to set up seventy-five chairs. End of story.

So...a little bitter today? Perhaps. But I'm feeling better after partaking in Capital Ale House's $1 Burger Monday Nights and subsequently hanging around the house Lebowski style (sans white russian) in my bathrobe for the rest of the night.

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